Do you think it's possible to travel aboard by only having the ariline tickets?

Do you think it's possible to travel aboard without any schedule prepared in advance?

Maybe, it's possible.... If I don't have to worry about the budget and the vacation is long enough

Because of the restriction, you have to think of anything that might be important in your trip, such as the train schedule, the ferry schedule, the opening hours for the attractions and etc.

Besides, travelling in a country with different language to yours sometimes makes the people nervous.

Your heart is always beating fast.

However, I prefer travelling than the boring usual life..... 

In order to get ready for boarding the ferry, I looked around the harbor not far from the hostel yesterday.

The lanes are separated into two groups: the reserved lane and the unreserved lane.

If the cars are so many, it's fine for any lane, but I still recommend you to book in advance, unless you prefer waiting for another four hours.

Most of the campers stayed in the unreserved lane yesterday and they enjoyed the sunshine on the grass.

At four o'clock in the early morning, I'm waiting in the lane for boarding.

By the way, the car nowadays is much convenient, and I find that the music player supports only the CD but also AUX (the connector as the earphone) and USB.

Therefore, I could enjoy the music for this waiting hour by connecting my mp3 player with the device.

May J. さん、ありがとう~~ あなたの歌を聴きすることが大好きですよ!

The ferry from Bodo to Moskenes takes about four hours.

My schedule today is simple: Visiting Reine, and the go to the small village Å (pronounced as 'O') for my accomodation.

Not only the schedule is simple, the scenic road of E10 is the only main road in Lofoten.

It's time for a leisure trip.

Arriving at Moskenes, it's raining... Though I've already heard of the rainy weather along the west coast, I still feel depressed with the rain.

The trip to Reine takes about ten minutes. Just as the junction of the main road and the road to Reine, there is a boardwalk for viewing the scenery of Reine.

I park my car in the open space next to the gallery and then walk around this small finishing village.

How do you think about Reine in such a condition?

Honestly, it's quite common even though the mountains surrounded are gaint but that scene is not so surprising.

The cloud seems heavy makes this world grey accompanied with the rain and fog.

Except for the red cabins, there is nothing attractive to me.

Sometimes, the scenery is just like the women.

Some women looks beautiful without applying cosmetics while some really need it for good lookings. 

Well, I think this village needs the sunny blue sky...

Due to the heavy rain, I'm not in a good mood to photograph.

Reine is really small and it's easy to explorer by feet.

At the end is the gas station with the shop selling ingredients, souvenirs, gears and etc.

There is also a restaurant nearby and the accommodations should be located around here as well.

As for the special accomodation in Lofoten, that should be the red cabin by the shore, called 'Rorbuer'.

A row of rorbuers are just at the small harbor close to the gas station.

The rorbuer (or rorbu) is the temporary building for the fishmen.

Wiith the one end on poles in the water, it's easy to access to their vessels.

Nowadays, some of these rorbuers are transformed as the special accommodations popular for the tourists.

If you travel with your family, it's recommended to try once.

I didn't book the rorbuer in Lofoten because the hsotels in Lofoten are easliy available.

Except for food, I also buy some sounevirs. Most of the souvenirs I bought are postcards.

While I understood the tricks for photographing, I also could appreciate more the value of the well-shot postcards.

Since the rain may lasts for a long period, I decide to visit the gallery as a nice shelter from the rain.

The admission is 50 KOR, but the comfort inside the gallery is priceless.

This gallery is not big. In the corridor at the first floor, the old mono photos show the Lofoten life in the past.

Enjoying the music played in the main hall, the paintings with simple colors here are on the subject of the scenery in Lofotten.

You could relax completely while sitting on the sofa and staring at these works.

Suddently, I notice the windows displaying a good scene of the rainy fishing village.

Thus, I take some photos through the windows in the mono mode.

In another area at the first floor, the abstract paintings are out of my understanding and I head to the basement for another small musem.

The whaling museum collected the fishing gears of the whalers in Lofoten and you could watch the video about the whaling.

As a result, it may be the only time that I enjoy visiting the gallery and museum for such a long time.

While stepping out of the gallery, the rain finally stopped though it's still cloudy.

I drive to the boardwalk near the junction, the scenery of Reine looks better with the slight sunshine.

However, the scene without the blue sky is not good enough.

After a short stay, I'm going to the southern village, Å.

Returning to Moskenes, the road southward becomes narrow.

The mountains occupy most of the islands, so the bends are common.

While numerous cars runs this main road, you have to get used to wait at the meeting place.

In the halfway, I notice a beautiful lake scene beside a grocery store.

No doubt, I won't miss such a good moment for watching the nice reflection of the vessel, the mountain and buildings.

Å is a small fishing village at the south end of road E10.

Without the traffic jam, I arrive here soon.

A wide parking slot is near the museum. Some campers have already occupied the good positions.

The second foor of the musem is part of the HI hostel Å and the reception is at another location.

Before looking for the reception, I walk back along the main road to take a look at the scene of this village.

There is a road sign simply with a letter 'Å'. Some tourists might be interested in taking photos with the road sign while they open their mouth as the shape of 'O'.

Two red cabins, the rorbuers, is standing alone with a small beach streching into the clear sea.

Though the weather never become sunny today, this scene is for sure nice even with the blue sky.

According to the hand-made map, I walk through the rorbuer area to the real village center of  Å.

These rorbuers next to the shoal water look great.

I could image jumping into the water for a leisure swimming if the weather is hot. 

I query the recpetion about this.

No, someone might swim at another beach nearby and the water is cold.

My dorm room is located in another old building in the town center where is actually the open-air musem with many old buildings.

Although the village is really small, the tourists are numerous.

Walking around here freely, it's the leisure time for me.

The wooden houses, the banboo rack for drying the fishes, the open table for cutting sihes, vessels, lots of gulls flying around....

Well, there is a abandoned warehouse as the apartment for these gulls.

Maybe the people here usually feed the gulls... This village owns the most  gulls in Lofoten.

Besides, these gulls are quite noisy. I could even see their tones.

Another strange scene in Lofoten might be the dried fish head chained and hung nearby the building.

I don't know what the fish head is used for.

Do not stare at me.... I don't want to eat you at all.


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