Six o'clock in the morning, I walk slowly toward the train station.

My journey is reaching the end.

After I get the ticket from the self-service machine, I check in my luggage again at the Air France counter.

I'm not sure whether my luggage will be delivered to Taiwan safely. It's not a matter at all.

Arriving at CDG airport in France, I go to the next gate skilfully, though I still don't have enough time looking around the airport.

Besdies, I don't have changes for accessing the internet. The only thing I do is to take a picture of this strange airport.

Without any accident, I come back to Taipei after the long flight, and my luggage is also delivered to Taipei.

Well, it's only my suggestion that the luggage would be delayed when the plane is bigger. 

Because my plane flying from Copenhagen to France is much smaller, my luggage was delivered to the next plane in time.

Of course, I think it's still the responsibility of the airport to deliver all the luggages in time, no matter how big the plane is.

The weather is quite hot in Taiwan and I miss the nice weather in Greenland a lot.

The journey in Greenland looks like a dream, a long dream in the flight.

I watch all the pictures I took on my way home.

I still can remember I felt quite tired in June. The tiredness was not caused entirely by the job.

The hot weather made me very uncomfortable. Even the fan was operating all day, it doesn't work at all.

Although travelling is not leisure totally, the nice weather and the beautiful scenery make me energetic.

The expectation is the source of my spiritual power that supports me while travelling aboard.

Every memory of every country is so unique and you could always find something new from other tourists' blogs.

Then, you will know your journey in that country is not finished yet.

If you want to explorer all the amzaing places in the world, it may takes you lots of time.

However, that's why our lifes are so long and so expected.

Greenland, is a country covered by the ice but becomes green in some areas in summer.

In the aspect of the ice, it's indeed the most spectacular place in the Northern Hemisphere.

I think the only possible place with the scenery greater than Greenland may be the Antarctica.

Travelling to Antarctica is another expensive dream that might come true many many years later.

In 2012, my journey in Greenland gives me the most treasurable memory of the ice, just as I expected.

That is excellent!

~ Fin ~


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