Today is the dy I leave Greenland. The plane to Copenhagen is in the afternoon.

I readlly want to do something more but it depend on my luck.

Taking the shuttle to the airport, I'm waiting for the last tour I might join: Air Safari.

I'm not sure whether the schedule of this tour is suitable for me but I know it would be excellent.

However, the tour requires 3 people at least.

The aircraft will take you to the Russel glacier and the ice cap. In addtion, they will find muskoxen on the return. The price for 30-minute trip is 1295 DKK. Well, it's expensive but worth.

Around ten, I finally see other tourists asking for this tour.

That's a good chance! Besides, the schedule is so perfect that it would finish before my flight to Copenhagen.

It's my destiny to join the trip and the weather is also good. 

There is nothing better than this.

Watching the glacier and the ice cap on the sky is fantastic.

Though I've watched the icefiord in Ilulissat, I think the scenery here is different. 

The surface of the inland ice looks like a wide ice desert with numerous dunes and you may see the beautiful blue water melted by the ice.

After the amazing flight over the inland ice, we head for the region where musk ox might appears.

The pilot says the musk ox looks like a big black point when we search on the sky.

Unfrotunately, muskoexn have moved to other place indeed and we don't find anything until we back to the airport.

Regardless of the whale and musk ox, most of my trips related to the ice are all perfect and this final flying tour is the perfect ending.

One o'clock in the afternoon, I pass the only security check in Greenland.

My eleven-day trip in this ice kindom is finished.

On the plane to Copenhagen, I glimpse at this wonderful place for the last time.

The flowing ice, icebergs, icefiord, ice cap and the whole ice land are so amazing.

I've been to Greenland, the place someone must visit once in his lifetime.

Now, I leave this womderland.


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