It's my last day in Ilulissat. I decide to walk the blue treck from the quarry so that all the tracks along the icefiord will be complete.

Though the sky is cloudy in the morning, it doesn't rain. 

Following the shortcut through the dog zone nearby the hostel, it takes about 30 minutes to reach the quarry. 

There is also a dog zone in the beginning of the track, but it's still safe if you don't get too close.

This track is different from the other two and is rich in plants.

Except for the lakes, you will find many unknwon plants on the way upward the valley.

If you observe carefully, there is actually a hidden creek covered with green alga.

Therefore, you should follow the signs and step on the rock instead of the grass (or alga).

Among the plants, I find a group of cottongrass that look intact and beautiful.

Reaching the top, a small lake settles between the hills. However, it's not sunny in the morning, so the lake doesn't look very scenic.

While crossing another hill, you will see the icefiord as you follow the stream.

This part of the track may not be so attractive as other tracks, but I like the natural surroundings along the way.

Due to the cloudy weather, the icebergs is also not very well, too.

Though I didn't bring my telescopic lens, I'm lucky to take a picture of the tiny yellow bird staying on the rcok.

It looks like a sparrow but cuter. In the valley, there are also many yellow birds.

Walking along the track beside the icefiord, the scenery is the same as what I saw before.

The only pity may be the weather is not good, or it would be a perfect end.

Around the noon, I go back to the town via the red track.

It takes about five hours since I departed from the hostel.

Because the game is finished, the kids are playing on the court. 

Sometimes, you would find them throwing the football into the river nearby.

To celebrating I've walk all the tracks, I buy the shrimps and it's time for lunch.

Well, I decide to cock the curry rice once again.

First, put the rice and the water in a pot, and you could taste the rice until you feel the taste is acceptable.

It takes about 30 minutes or more depending on the stove and the cooking facilities.

Second, put some oil in another pan, stir-fry the pork (or other meat) and then put the curry powder. You have to add the hot water slowly until the source looks thick. So, the curry source is done.

When the rice is also done, put the rice on the plate and add the curry source. The perfect curry rice is finished. Besides, I also put the fresh shrimps on my curry rice.

It's delicious if you handle all the details correctly.

By the way, the shrimps taste nice even if they are raw.

After the long walk in the morning, I'm thinking of the thing I could do for the rest of the day.

I'm thinking for a long time but don't get the asnwer.

Should I walk any of the tracks again? the yellow one or the simple board walk?

It's so hard to decide and I sleep in the afternoon for a while.

As I finish my internet time, I finally decide to walk the board walk viewing the icebergs for the last time.

In fact, I think the scenery on the top of the hill is the best one. 

Even it's my forth time walking to this place but I never feel bored.

The weather is always nice  when I come here, and so is the scene.

Sitting on the blench and viewing the icebergs in the front, I feel calm.

What I feel amazing for the first sight becomes normal but eternal in my mind.

When the day pass, maybe the reality will become a dream but I know I was really here in my lifetime.

In the evening, I prepare the spaghetti as the dinner. While I travel aboard, the most common food I prepare is the spaghetti.

Of course, I'm also good at cooking the beef steak and other instant foods.

The portion of the spaghetti is always bigger than you expected.

Because I bought too many noodles, I still have a lot waiting in the bag.

Therefore, as I notice other tourists are ready to cooking the pasta, I say: I could cook the noodle for you. anyway, I have a lot and you just prepare the source you want.

I just wonder how could I eat the pasta all the time. Maybe the pasta I cooked is always different.

Today, I still stir-fry the pork as the base applied with black papper, chili, and italian powder.

The source tastes a little spicy and smell good.

Actually, the chili and italian spice were left by the tourist before. It's good that you always find something useful in the kitchen.

In order to share the kindness with others who come later, I'm also used to leave something, such as the oil or noodles, in the same place.

Simon and Lindsay is the ones who share my noodles and they come from Canada.

They say that the Air Canada have a new line from Canada to Greenland directly. 

It's a good news but I will appreciate more if there is a direct line from Asia someday, so that Greenland will not be so far away from Taiwan.

I really like Greenland and it would be great if I could stay here longer.


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