It's time for departure, otherwise, I might forget the feeling of the journey. It's always the same every year.

The journey I had is just like a long long dream because the scenery is so amazing.

Compared with the place I live, that journey is absolutely a beautiful dream.

Just until I got used to the land I stood, I could finally believe that I was in the foreign country for real.

As the journey ended, that feeling also faded as the time went by, and all I have are the unclear memory and the pictures which look unreal.

For such a reason, I always expect the upcoming journey every year.

For me, travelling in an ideal way of living. If there are not so much restrictions in the reality, I prefer to chase the beautiful scenes all my life.

Travelling is also the way I realize the world just as reading a big book.

It always makes my eyes bright when I meet people from other countries and chat about the wonderful feeling we have.

Travelling becomes one of my habits. If I could, I will keep travellg until I visit all the places I want to go.

The journey is not always perfect each time due to the period of the vacation, money, weather or other unexpected reason. 

However, that is also why I expect every journey so mush. The thing I could not do this time may be done next time.

Travelling is my dream. The dream would come true if you make your first step.

In 2012, I want to travel in the country that is quite far away from Taiwan, Greenland.

It's the home country of polar bears though you may not find one there.

The only one reason for going to Greenland is the Iceberg. That reason is enough for me.

Many people said, it's the country everyone should visit once in your life time.

Well, Let's go!

Greenland is the world's largest island and also the second largest ice sheet which cover almost 80% of the territory.

Greenland is also the home of the animals living within Arctic Circle just like polar bears.

It's interesting that the coat of arm for Greenland is the polar bear.

There is a wide national park in the north Greenland with the only town, Nord, as the base for military and science researches.

I think polar bears may live there.

If you go to Ittoqqortoormiit in the east Greenland, the town closed to the polar bear area. 

The travller information may advice you to get preparation if you are so unlucky to meet a polar bear in the wild.

Well, I want to see polar bears but I don't want to meet them in this way.


(Coat of Arm, from


Though the possibility of meeting a polar bear in Greenland is low and should be low, this reason won't stop me to visit Greenland.

Greenland owns the treasurable icefiord in the world. I'm also very curious about what I may feel as I see the huge iceberg.

Besides, it's also possible to observe the collapse of the glacier that should be very special.

Ice and Snow, have an attractive magic power to me.

I still could remember how excited I was when I stepped on the glacier in New Zealand, watched the beautiful glacier lagoon in Iceland, and rode the skidoo on the Vatnajökull.

Different from the journey I had before, I won't chase the attractions busily this time.

The way of transportation in Greenland may be one of the reasons, but the most important of all, I wish I could focus on my photographing in just a small area.

Sometimes, a good photograph (from thousands of photographs) would only be taken when you spend a lot of time.

Except for the good equipments and your skill, the weather and the different condition of light will affect your works.

You could not be so lucky all the time. Therefore, you have to spent a lot of time.

And that is what I'm supposed to do in my journey in Greenland.

It's time for departure!To Greenland!my journey in 2012.


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