~ Prolog ~

I always forget the feeling of travelling as I keep living quite boringly in my city too long.

The time I finished one travel in a country is also the time for preparing the next trip.

I would like to spend a lot time to prepare everying well just one month before I departure or earlier.

Because of that, I'm always not hurry for anything before I take the flight aboard.

In the meawhile, as I works, I always wonder: Do I really go for another travelling soon?

This reality of travelling somewhere will come true as I leave my job behine and step into the airport.

My friend says, she wants to learn something for she didn't read the books for many days.

I say, Travelling is my book.

In order to preparing the travel, I've read lots of guided books and internet information, and I even could draw the travel map in my mind.

But, any effort for the preparation is not completely enough for me.

It means, It's the time for travelling. 

It's the time to departure ~


Before the day I departure, the south Taiwan had a big rain and the weather become hot and wet.

It makes me feel uncomfortable just as I stay in the tropical rainforest.

I'm looking forward to get out of this place as soon as possible.

I want to travel.


~ Departure ~

With my two luggages, I wait for the regional train for departuring on Saturday.

The weather is still so hot that you feel like you are staying in the sauna, but with your clothes standing in the platform in the reality.

In order to compare the convenience between the Kaohsiung Rapid Transit and the regional train, I take the regional train this time. Maybe the KRT has more trips than the regional train, but you have to walk longer distance to the entrance of the Taiwan high speed rail. So I think it's better to take the regional train to THSR station and take the KRT while going back home.

No matter which way you choose to arrive the THSR sation, I would like to try a different way so that the travelling each year will not let me feel they are the same.

Entering the THSR station, the big HTC advertisemet makes me recall the night you played your HTC cellphone in the Sushi retaurant. It's truely very convenience to handle the mail, message, phone calls, and access to the internet just like a small computer. Sometimes, I think I should change a new cellphone, maybe iPhone or HTC, otherwise I will feel like a old person who still stayed in the old time. But the charge for accessing the internet is not so cheap that I still don't want to do changing the phone.

Since I change the way to the THSR station, it's no wonder that I also get a little chnage with the THSR. That is, I order the business cabin that is much more expensive than the standard cabin but you get a reserved seat which is bigger and more confortable. Because of the expensive fee, the number of tourists is fewer and you don't have to worry about the space for your luggages.

You will get a small portion of snack and a cup of hot tea or coffee, then you could listen to your mp3 sitting on your comfortable seat until you arrvie the Taoyuang station.

In the early afternoon, I arrive at the Taoyuang THSR station. The hot air outside makes me extremely uncomfortable. Even the shuttle bus has air condition, the cold air is still not strong enough in this hot hot summer until I enter into the airport.

As for the Taoyuang International Airport, I almost visit this place each year as the same as I visit my grandmother in Taipei every summer vacation. 

So, is there any promotion of the airport?

It seems to get some small changes in the looks with more decorations, but I'm not sure whether the airport becomes better than before or not. Maybe I should keep the notes about the changes every year.

However, I think there should be something more important than promoting the decoration.

While I get into the waiting area, the menu of these restaurants look the same as last year.

You don't have many choices and the price is also not very friendly.

I still remember the news of the food festival for the airport, but why don't I see any changes of these menu in this terminal?

The only good news is the time for departuring is coming, so I don't have to worry about the food problem.

Four o'clock in the afternoon, I'm waiting for boarding my flight before the gate.

The travel every year seems to be my custom and must-do activity.

Before departuring, I feel a little nervious but much more excited in the mood.

Just like a cocktail may have different tastes when you drink, but the basic is the same.

You know this is a cocktail, and I know this is my trip.

By travelling, by getting away from our usual life, we could know how strong we are and realize what we really seek for in our heart.

By travelling, what I see is not only the unknown world but also the unknown me.

I don't know whether I ate too much at home in the morning. I don't feel good on the plane while flying to Singapore, so I don't eat the meal, just drink some water and keep sleeping all the way.

Perhaps so, as I arrvied at Singapore airport wanting for the tranfer flight, I'm a little hungry and want to eat some Shusi.

While looking around the airport, it looks like the same as I visited here two years ago.

I like the comfortableness inside, perhaps comes from its carpets, maybe comes from its color.

That is a special feeling and quality a real international airport should have.

That is the one I didn't feel in Taoyuang Airport of Taiwan.

After a two-hour short stay in the terminal, I get on the plane to Australia.

Austrlia! I wait for almost a year and I finally fly there.


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