Sydney, my first stop in Ausltralia. The weather here is not so cold as I think.

Maybe I look like a middle-age man or I already have ETA and some stamps from other countries, I only wait for my luggage for a while, and then pass the gates without too much inquiring and inspecting. Just like the Heathrow airport of London, you could take the train from the Sydney airport directly to the city center.

The design of the train is interesting. It's a two levels cabin with some seats in the middle level connecting the upper level and lower level in front and back of the cabin. So, the train could carry more people but also prvide the conveninece for the elders and the disables.

Arrinving the Sydney central station, I'm surprised by the 22 platforms in the station.

I don't know whether there is a train station of any city could have so many platforms, but I think Sydney could be called "The city of railway".

Because of so many platforms, I'm a little confused for finding the way to my hostel and leave the station from the north entrance.

According to the map, the Railway Square YHA I have booked is located in the west-south corner of the central station. Thus, I walk with my two luggages for almost half a circle, then finally reach the hostel.

While seeing other hostels I've considered before on the half way, I wonder why didn't I choice one of these hostel? That should be good, too.

Fortunately, the distance to the hostel is not really very far away from the station if I don't have to carry my two luggages with me.

The check-in time for this hostel is at 12:00 p.m. For this reason, I store my luggages in the locker and go for visiting the Sydney city with my camera bag.

As for the locker here, the big one could store all my luggages. Besides, you ould open it as many times as you wish during the time you paid. It's quite convenience if you could accept the fee for nine AUD per day (five dollars for the first four hous, then two dollars for an extra hour. The capping is nine dollars for a day)

You may think that is too expensive, but for a backpacker who want to store his luggages in a safe place, the price for a bed plus nine dollars per day for a locker is still cheaper than booking the single room.

Based on my plan, I departure for the Light Rail stop which heads towards the Darling harbor.

I walk along george street to the capital square according to the map, but as I arrive at the stop, I suudently get a question in my mind: where I could buy the ticket?

Beucase this is my first time in Sydney, the only place I know where I could buy the ticket is the central station. So, I walk Back there agian! Oops, since I have to buy the ticket, why did I go to central station at first but waste so much time on the walk?

The ticket machine sells all kinds of tickets for trains, buses and ferries.

If you want to try them all, you could buy the myMulti ticket.

Before I come to Australia, I've studied the tickets of Sydney transportation and wrote a article in traditional chinese.

However, I think I've already fotgetten the detail of the information when I buy a MyMulti week pass for 41 AUD. After a few minutes, I suddently know what's wrong with my ticket just like I'm awaken from my dream.

41 AUD for a week pass? Oh no, I should buy the day pass. God knows, I just follow the instruction of the machine and pay the money, but I missed the day pass option for MyMulti.

In this moment, I have nothing to decribe how stupid I am. I only stay at Sydney for two and half days, but I bought a Mymulti week pass that sould be used as possible as the days the pass allows.

Since I've bought the pass, the only thing I could do is to try to use the public transportation of Sydney as I can.

I take the Light Rail at the central station for free with my expensive MyMulti pass. After that, I just know that I could buy a one-way ticket from the staff on the tram, and it means you don't have to worry about not buying the ticket or the pass before you get on the tram. That is great, if I didn't do so many stupid things. 

Gettting off at Convetion stop, the harbor is not far from here by walking.

The harbor is quite busy and crowed with tourists. 

With the sailboats, blue sky and the mordern buildings, I feel like going back to Auckland I visited two years ago, but you still could know the difference between them.

The performers at the plaza let me recall that I've also see the street performers in London, but most of the performes are static. And this lively fire-playing show is a little similar to the performes in the TV programs or some night clubs of Taiwan.

Why I say Darling harbor is similar to Auckland. Except for the barbor and the buildings with mirrors, when you walk through the crowed and the bridge over the harbor, you could see the Sky Tower. The only difference is this sky tower looks much old style of the Industrial Age.

Besides, the tram of the Monorail passing over your head frequently as you walk on the bridge, is also aother feature that you won't see in Auckland.

Because the weather is sunny, I feel quite good as taking photos at the harbor. Walking around here is really enjoyable.

By the escalator at another side of the bridge, Sydney Aquirium is at your left side.

It's also the time for lunch and breaking, so I order a squid-rings and chips set in the restaurant.

As for visiting the aquirium, the admission is not so friendly as I think. It seems that the cost in Australia is quite expensive, therefore I have to choose the attractions I really want to visit.

So, where will I go next? China Town or somewhere?

Although I've made the plan in which I collected the attractions other tourists went to, the main factor that I choose the destination is my mood actually.

Going to china town is not very attractive to me and the transportation will cost the time. Since the Sky Tower looks so near from here, I will rather do directly there now.

By the way, I think it's a little strange for an asian to visit china town in a non-asian country, just like Japanese want to find Sakura in other countries. Thus, that should be my last consideration if I get too much time here.

Walking towards the sky tower, before taking the elevator to the viewing deck of the sky tower, the base of the building is a department store. It's the same as Auckland sky tower and Taipei 101.

I have to say again: the cost in Australia is really expensive. For example, a bottle of water costs 3 AUD that is equal to 90 taiwan dollors while the same water only costs 20 taiwan dollors. Though any water in Australia is drinkable, I don't find any water foundation on the street, and I think no one woulk like to drink the water in the lavatory.

The main point is: the admission of sky tower is 25 AUD and that is quite expensive for me.

On the viewing deck, I look around the scenery and find some proper locations for taking pictures. 

For photographers, if you have to take photograhs via the glass, the window should be clear and non-reflective. Actually, I would rather stay in the cold and windy place where I could take photos without any obstacle.

Once again, I really think that the scenery here is very similar to Auckland while I watch the harbor.

Besides, you could also find Hyde park and St.mary's church not far away from here.

After finishing my photographing, I buy some postcards and dolls, then head to the next attraction.

These souvenirs costs me another 25 AUD. Oh Jesus, my money is spent as quickly as burned by the fire. 

Since Hyde park is not far away from sky tower, I keep on walking towards there.

Though I should try hard to use my pass to take the train or tram, walking is actually better for taking pictures.

Hyde park, I know another Hyde park in London and the Hyde park in London should be large in area than the one I visit now.

Regardless of the differences between them, the parks are both nice places where you could relax yourself.

When the weather is sunny, you could feel the warm of the sunlight on your face.

You could read your books, or just do nothing and lie on the grass.

There are always pegions or gulls inside the park. 

A foundtain named Archibald is also an attraction here. Anyway, tourists like to take photos with some specific shapes of objects.

St.Mary's Cathedral is located beside Hyde park. I think the size of this church is normal in average.

Photographing inside is prohibited, but you could feel the silence and find your peace inside.

Sometimes photographing or talking is not proper in such a secred place, I think so.

According to the information on the web, its classical beauty comes from the Gothic style strcuture.

I never saw this kind of church in my country, therefore, I really like the churches when I travel in other countries.

Its classical looks, the feeling of peace, the mosaics and statues are the features churches have.

Most important of all, people do not speak and should not speak inside the church.

If you want to take a break or smooth your emotion, the church is always a nice place.

After resting for a while in the church, I take the train from Hyde park to Circular Quay where the Sydney Opera House is located in. After all, walking with a heavy camara monopod is not a pleasant job, and I always have to remind myself that I bought an expensive pass.

Circular Quay is the main harbor for all the routes of Sydney ferries. Opera House, Royal Botanic Garden and the Rocks market make this place the most popular attraction in Sydney. In order to grape the whole view of the Sydney Opera House, I walk towards the Rocks market where is opposite to the opera house. Except for this location, the top of the Sydney Bridge and the bank of north Sydney are also on my consideration.

Besides, most backpackers recommend the Mrs. Macquries Point at Royal Botanic Garden. They said that the view is good and you could take photos of opera house and the sydney bridge in the same picture.

Anyway, if I could, I would like to try photographing at these places.

I walk along the bank for photographing. While reaching the Rocks marmet, this place is crowded with people for the Aroma Festival. You may see someone taking photos with the sign in the shape of coffee cups.

Oh, that is really very busy, and I finally could realize why others want to go to Sydney in New Year's day.

Because of the festival, there are many coffee shops along the street, and the people is so crowded  that you could not get a path easily to pass through this street, just like the Louho night market in my home city, Kaohsiung.

Getting through the crowd, three special motorcycles catch my eyes.

 It's Cool! I think the heavy motorcycle is pretty cool, especially the old-fashion style. It would be very attractive if riding these motors on the road.

There is another square nearby where you could find some vendors and a stage with performers doing something. I'm not sure whether it's also a part of the festival or not, but it seems that I'm lucky to visit Sydney today.

Before going to the square on the below, I would like to find the office of Birdge Climb to ask the schedule for climbing. Thus, I walk along another street of the Rocks market towards the bridge. Lots of different vendors sell different stuffs on this street. Clothes, accessories or hand-made stuffs. The market is always the heaven for womem. But I don't like to buy the thing in the crowd, therefore, I pass through the market from the path beside.

At the moment as I reach the end of the street, I suddently remember that you have take a black-and-white photo here in 2007. Four years later, I do the same as you.

The tall tents are arranged in a row with their sharp edges that look like the stems.

Different from the markets in Taiwan, the street is clean and the tourists will not only wear their T-shirt, shorts and slippers. I just wonder why the market in other countries could show me the sense of art and could be a good material for photos, but the markets in Taiwan could not? The tents with many colors, the dirty streets and the tourists occupy every space of the streets make me feel bad as I visit there with my family.

Maybe Taiwan is too small an island, and the Taiwan people and tourists are too much.

In the office of Bridge Climb, the staff tells me the time for climbing at sunset, but there is a big problem for me that I could not birng my camara with me. Though I know that is for the security, I don't want to climb to the top but take no photos I want. That is nonsense for me.

Actually, I would like to pay a very expensive fare for a good scenery, just like taking the helicopter if I have time.

Because I still have another locations for taking the pictures of the Sydney Opera House, I give up the climbing and go back to the square inside the Rocks market before sunset.

I buy a beef cake (?) for 10 AUD, then sit at the corner by the bank waiting for the cold and windy night of Sydney.

Opera house will be lit up in the night, and that is the must-see scene you could not miss.

By the way, if you are bord and do not what to do, someone recmommeds the walking in the Aygyle Cut, but I really forget this until I leave sydney.

About 6:30, the sky becomes dark and the Sydney opera house shows its light, just like a glow-worm.

I think it would be interesting to take the photos of opera house in the same location at different times.

If combining these pictures, you could show how the opera house gets lit up.

Many tourists stay along the bank, like me, and some of them use the tripods. There is not doubt that the Sydney Opera House is the famous attraction for the tourists.

As for the Sydney bridge, I don't find any perfect location for a good scene.

It should not be take alone without the opera house or the tall buildings around the wharf.

Besides, the crane is also a bad stuff, an obstcle in the view of the bridge.

Anyway, I should find another far location and try again.

Except for the opera house and the bridge, if you face towards the buildings side of the Circular Quay, the night scene is also beautiful.

It would be excellence to take a photo with the opera house, the bridge, and these buildings together.

Photographing the night view of Sydney is an interesting job. you may see th opera house in different places, but not all of these are good locations for the pictures. Most people take photos aroud the Circular Quay, but it seems that the scene is not very beautiful. Maybe some components are missed, Maybe something unpleasant just could not be skipped.

Though I want to go to Mrs. Macquries Point for another try, the weather becomes cold and the distance seems to be far from here. Thus, I decide to go back to hostel and visit Mrs. Macquries Point in another day. 

8 o'clock, I stay in my room that is quite close to the platform of central station. Actually, this room looks like the carriage of the old-style train. So it's no wonder that this room is just located beside the platform, and you could hear the sound from the outbound train. Fortunately, the train is not running all the day, otherwise I will need earplugs for falling asleep.

Some tourists may listen to the opera at night, but my Englsih is limited and I don't know much about these opera, except for the famous ones such as Cat, Phatom of the opera ot La miserable. There would be a big problem if I don't understand the lyrics, unless I have studied before.

In the room, I study the information of the blue mountains I will go tomorrow.

My first day in Sydney seems to be a very good start. I visit most of the attractions in my itinerary by walking and the public transportation. Most important of all, I enjoy photographing a lot and I'm looking forward more beautiful scenery in the trip.

By the way, there are free lockers in the room, but you have to wait for the check-in time.

Besides, I saw the greentea "御茶園" in the convenience store that is a product from Taiwan. Does it means that there are lots of Taiwanese living in Australia? 



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