I arrive at Melbourne city at 8:30. The tram no.55 changes the usual route tonight suddently and I get off at the wrong stop. I'm a little nervous but lucky to find my hostel not far away from the unknown stop.

I exlpain to the YH staff why I check out one day earlier, and then call the taxi with the free phone in YH to send me directly to Southern Cross Station.

On the airport shuttle, I still could not believe that I'm going home now.

Leaving in a hurry is not my style saying goodbye to this city and this country.

It makes me feel my journey is not complete.

I didn't walk around Federal Square in the daytime, and I didn't visit the St Patrick’s Cathedral and Melbourne Aquarium.

I could not image how big is the bell in Melboune Central.

Even the beach and the buildings at St. Kilda are only available on other tourists' blogs.

When will I visit here agian if I wish to travel all the countries I want for at least one time?I don't know.

Whan waiting my flight in the airport, I'm thinking the meaning of my travel.

I chase the destinations every day.

It's not so easy as the group travel that the bus will send you to the places with beautiful scenery.

What is the purpose of my travel?

Maybe I want to hide myself in a strange country.

Maybe I hope to learn something different in a different surrounding.

However, the most important of all, is to find and enjoy the spetacular scene in the journey.

It's not always necessary to learn lots of knowledge.

The true treasure is your experice gained from the journey.

Without the experience and photographs took by yourself, the text in the book may not become real and the videos and images are always lack of souls.

At the end of the journey, my memory in Australia is playing like a movie in my mind.

For me, this may be the greatest meaning of my travel.

What is my next country next year?



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