I wake up in the early 5 o'clock.

I don't want to waste any time I could use, thus I decide to walk to WuFengGi Waterfalls before I leave Jiaoxi.

The streets are quiet and only a few people do exercise at this silent moment.

Actually, I have been to the waterfalls in 2006.

We drove from Taoyuan, but I was not the driver so I didn't how did I get there.

This time, I walk there by myself in order to get familiar with this place.

Besides, I bring my DSLR camera during the travel.

It would be a pity if I don't take some photos of the waterfalls.


After 40 minutes' walking, I reach the waterfall area.

The first area is the river embankment and the pool.

Some people seems to be here for a period of time to swim.

In 2006, I saw some butterflies around here, but I don't see any at this time.

Maybe they are just sleeping.

Moving forwards, I reach the small pond that I have sunk my feet here because my gout broke out and my feet swollen very seriously.


Keeping going inside, you may see the river and the waterfall which are the good material for photographing.

I love to try different shutter time and the aperture to create different senses of the scenery.

 I have to praise my wide-angle lens again for its good aperture.

Actually, the light in the forest is not sufficient at all, so the big aperture is required.

But I also forget something.....Mm, my tripod.


Staying here for about one hour, I think it's time to leave here, so I'm ready for going back to the hotel.

In the half way, I find a Husky tied at the door.

I'm very curious why do someone think Husky is good for a watchdog.

Because they are so cute and friendly. 


When I back to the hotel, it's just the time for breakfast.

The restaurant serve the traditional Taiwanese breakfast (rice porridge, side dishes, and etc.)

After that, I sink in the spring in my bathroom again.

The feeling is quite good, especially I walked for a long distance.

In a very relax mood, I walk slowly towards the train station and buy some souvenir in the half way.

My next destination is the small township "Houtung (候侗)" where is famous for lots of lovely cats.


Houtung is a very small township, and the people earned their living by the coal mining.

As the coal mining declined, most of the young people move to other city.

If not for its cats, the name of this township is obscure.

The news of the cats in Houtung was introduced by a blogger "貓博士夫人", and the most of the tourists, especially the photographers, come to this township for photographing these cats.

Since the cats become the hot spot of this township, the resident also do something to promote the travel business.

These cats, without doubt, give the township a new life, and they are also benefited from it.

These cats are not only the street cats. They are also a part of the township.

They are the resident of this township.


Moving towards the exit of the train station, I see a guided map for this township.

Yo could have a sense of going back to the old time. The area is not big, so you could visit all the thing just in half of a day.

Since most tourists is coming for these cats, DSLR cameras are very basic equipments for the tourists. 

I take photos of these cats happily for about an hour.

Oh, my God. These cats are born to be the models, and they are kindly an patiently photographed by the human.

Maybe the time is not their exercise time, or the weather is hot, most of the cats stay at the same place doing nothing or just sleeping.

Maybe they already get used to the tourists.

You could find different postures of the same cat, so if you pay more time waiting here, you will get more surprised by these cats.


Closed to the noon, I think it's time to return home.

Before leaving here, I also buy some souvenirs of th cats.

 I think I will visit this place again.


 I think this cat is the most lovely cat today.


About 12 o'clock, the local train to Taipei city is coming, and my travel is reaching the end.

I take the High Speed trail at 2 o'clock,and then take the local train to Kaohsiung at 6 o'lock.

 It's amazing that I still stay at Yilan in the morning, but return Kaohsiung in the night.


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