Sometimes I question myself: Are you a backpacker? or just a tourist?

You may wonder what is the difference since these two words is the same in the meaning.

However, the word "backpacker" for me is usually referred to the person who handles all the things in the journey by himself.

And the "tourist" is the person who just knows nothing and follow the guide.

Of course, there is nothing good or bad for both the backpacker and tourist.

These are only the different ways you travel.

The backapcker usually studys the infromation in advance for arranging a good itinerary. 

In the meanwhile, he also learns about the culture, know more about the Nature and etc...

So, I think I'm a backpacker and I indeed learned a lot from the travel experience I had.

Travel broadens my view for this world and makes learning more interesting than reading the books.

There is no perfect way of travel for you always have to adopt different ways to accomplish the journey.

The most important thing is you feel great in the journey by choosing the trip according to your will.

In the backpacker's website, many people may query the experienced tourists for their schedule.

In my opinion, the reasonable schedule is a good and excutable schedule.

Travel is not the exam and there is no perfect answer for the schedule.

Today, I choose an easy way to spend the day: Take the ferry around the Geirangerfjord, and then find a nice restaurant for a traditional Norwegian dish.

That's all. No other trip or something complex.

If you don't want to be bored, the museum, the kayaking, the hiking and other trips for sure could satisfy you.

I've styudied these infromation in advance, but it's not necessary to fill your day with everything.

Even staying in the hotel for swimming or sleeping, it's also fine.

After breakfast, I walk toward the information center for the ferry ticket.

There is a huge ship parking in the fjord that seems to be seven levels in height and could carry hundreds of tourists.

Numerous tour buses are waiting their guests in the bus area.

Getting my ticket, I look around the harbor and also acces to the internet.

Yes, there is a free wifi around the information center. It's my first time to see such a good service of the information center.

The ferry runs along the fjord between Geiranger town and Hellesylt.

Along the fjord's sides, you may see many waterfalls and a few of abandomed farms.

Among these waterfalls, the Seven Sisters Waterfall is the most famous and also recognizable.

I'm not sure whether there are seven streams within the waterfall.

The ferry trip takes about 1.5 hours.

You could enjoy the scenic fjord while listening to the broadcast about the attractions you pass.

Sometimes, the gull might have a short break on the mast for a free riding.

If you take the RIB boat instead of the ferry, the course is shorter but much exciting for its speed.

If you have a long day for exercising, kayaking along the fjord should be great.

If you have unlimited budget, why not try the helicopter trip to watch the fjord on the sky?

Anyway, there are many ways to explorer and enjoy the Geirangerfjord.

I quite enjoy the slow pace though I enjoyed great scenes yesterday.

Around the noon while the ferry trip finished, I look for my lunch at a restaurant named "Brasserie Posten i Geiranger" which is next to the informatio center and maked as no.8 on the tourist map as the first image in this article.

I search the information from the blogs.

It's said that they serve the White Bacalao, a traditional Norwegian dish in different source.

Bacalao is a Spanish word that means Dried cod and the dishes made from it.

There are also other words in different language reffered to this kind of food, such as klippfisk in Norwegian.

It's a stew of dried fish with tomato, potatoes, peppers, garlic, onions and other ingredients.

The dried fish is usually the Stockfish (Cod) or Salmon which are both fertile in Norway.

If you look for the reciept, you will find that most of the Bacalao is in the tomato source.

As for the White Bacalao in this restaurant, it's the cream source.

By the way, the small potato looks like a meat ball.

Due to the hot weather, I buy two bottles of juice in the supermarket.

Besides, I also find and buy a sushi box....Though the quality is not so good, it's better than nothing.

I take a long rest in the hotel, and then walk around the church nearby.

There was a concert at 2 p.m in the church but I missed it while sinking the tub.

Looking at the structure of the church, it's a little different from most of the churches in Europe.

I don't know very well about the architecture but you could find that the roof is composed with many small boards in the shape of fish scale.

In addition, there is a high sharp steeple on the top.

Regardless of the church and its architecture, this place is a good place for watching the fjord and should be the most scenic graveyard in the world.

Except for the church, I also walk around the waterfull zone for a while.

The entrance is free for everyone and the path stretches from the museum to the camping yard.

With great quantity of water, the stream is rapid and powerful.

They even set the funny warning sign to tell the tourists not to cross the barrier.

Afterward, I come back to the hotel because the weather is too hot for me.

The sleeping is the best way to spend the day.

The bear will sleep in winter for reducing the lost of energy, and I like to sleep in summer to reducing the temperature.

It's said that the weather is Taiwan is also hot.

Suddently, I just want to come back to Longyearbyen for a cool summer.

I don't like the hot day.


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