The scene of Jigokudani is much clearer in the mornging.

In my original plan, I want to hike the Mt. Oyama first and then go back to Toyama for the accommodation.

However, my foot is painful and the itineray is modified.

After finishing the rest of the route around Murodo, we will go back to Toyama for another easy trip.

Walking along the route to Murodo bus ternimal via Raichozawa, the reflection of Mikurigaike pond is still beautiful and varied at different locations.

Thanks to the good weather, we are quite lucky to enjoy the scenic views around Murodo.

If my foot is still fine, this kind of route should be very easy and finished in less than 30 minutes.

But I spend about one hour to arrive at the ternimal. Of course, photographing is a part of it.

With my telescopic lens, I could see the tourists heading for Mt. Oyama.

There is snow in the middle and their first target is the mountain hut on the ridge.

Suddenly, I feel a little sad that I could not follow their steps towards the Oyama Shrine on the top.

The estimated time for finishing this course is only four hours.

It should be easy for everyone, but not for me with the painful ankle.

The only comfort to me is that I've at least reached the top of Mt. Norikura.

After coming back to Toyama, the only attraction I think of is Amaharashi coast that is in my itinerary tomorrow.

Due to this change, we would have longer time in Kanazawa.

Going to Amaharashi, you have to take the JR train to Takaoka and then transfer to another line.

If you have a longer vacation, Takaoka is also an option that you could visit Japan's Top 3 Buddhas, Takaoka Great Buddha Statue.

Takaoka Kojo Park is similiar to Toyama Castle Park and is a nature park on the ruins of Takaoka Castle.

Amaharashi coast is located in the Noto Peninsula.

The scene of white sand beaches, pine trees and Tateyama mountains in the far makes Amaharashi coast a famous place for photographing.

Actually, that is why I want to visit this small town.

Walking along the bay, a unique rock, called Meiwa Rock, is on the sea.

It's said that there is a small shrine on the rock.

Except for some swimmers, I don't see Tateyama mountains that should be hidden by the mist.

You may also watch the big great picture outside the train station.

I suddenly realize that the best season for photographing should be the winter.

It doesn't mean that you could not see Tateyama Mountains in other seasons, but the weather is much stable in the winter.

Someone said that the winter is the best time to watch Mt. Fuji.

I think that is the same for Tateyama mountains.

Without any special experience, we take the slow train back to Toyama.

The time on the transportation is even longer than the time we stayed at Amaharashi.

In the night, we look for the restaurant around the train station.

After all, the food in the supermarket is not always an ideal choice.

Most of the restaurants are both for the food and the drinks, called Izakaya.

As for us, we find a cheap and nice restaurant "太閣" that serves Ramen, Yaki-gyoza, Curry rice, and other dishes.

The set meal is about 650 Yen for two dishes. It's very recommended.



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