At the night before flying to Tasmania, I didn't sleep well. The main reason is I didn't put all my luggages in the lockers but in the room.

"Trust and Safty" is an important issue when you travel alone in a strange country.

Could you trust anyone you meet at the first time? Yes, or No? That is not an easy choice.

Therefore, I'm a little nervous when I sleep with all my luggages in the room just for saving some money. I've spent too much on resotring my luggages.

Anyway, being careful is better that losing the luggages, but the budget is also a big issue.


Five o'clock in the early morning, I take the airport shuttle to the domestic airport.

Though taking the train would be cheaper, shuttle will drop you off just in front of the check-in counter so that I don't hvae to walk with my hurt knee and two luggages.

My next destination is Hobart, the capital of Tasmania.

On the plane, I watch a magazine in which an article introduces the travel in Tasmania and the itinerary seems to be good. The simple itinerary is:

 The first day, start from Lauceston, go to St.Helens via Lilydale, and stop over Binalong Bay.

 The second day, enjoy a day around Bay of Fires, and stop over Freycinet.

 The third day, take the areoplane to watch the beautiful scenery of Freycinet National Park, and then take a cruise around Freycinet.

 The forth day, go to Tribunna in the early mronign to catch the ferry to Maria Island, have a nice day in Maria Island, and finish the trip at a nice restaurant of Hobart in Salamanca Market.

For me, Maria Island seems to be worthy of visiting for its senery. If possible, I want to go there during my week in Tasmania. About my road trip in Tasmania, I didn't book any day tours and accommodations in advance, except for the accommodations in Hobart at the first and last day. So, it's very flexible to chanege the attractions if I could finish the circuit in time.

After arriving at the Hobart YHA, I walk on the street in this cloudy afternoon. The weather here is much colder than Sydney, and maybe as cold as Katoomba.

The attractions introduced by the guide books are museums, art galleries, or the historic buildings (ex. church, barrack, brewery). That's not so attractive for me. Anyway, I want to walk to the harbor first.

I'm not sure weather it's the low season in Tasmania, but the people along the harbor are quite few.

It's not like the busy harbor in Sdney. However, I like the silent surrounding that makes my mind peaceful.

While I pass through an old-style sailing ship, the stuff pass me the information about their cruise and tells me that the next trip is ready for departuring.

I think for a while and feel that it should be my destiny to join this tour. Therefore, an unknown elder and me become the only two members in this afternoon cruise with six staffs on the ship.

You might think that sixty five dollars is quite expensive. Actually, it is. Even so, there is nothing luxury than enjoying the sailing in such a nice condition served by six staffs. You have three hours on the sea to watch the city in a different view, feel the wind and listen to the sound of water made by the sailing.

While I travelled in Iceland, my ship for whale watching is also the sailing ship, but the weather is not so windy as today that we sail all the way by the engine.

It's the first time that I experience the real sailing, and watch the captain order his staffs to handle the sails.


During the sailing, they will serve you a lunch and a dessert. The lunch is the chicken burger with salad, and the deseert with three kinds of cheese, fruits and cookies is much more delicious.

How lucky am I to enjoy the meal on the sea with gentle wind.

If I could live in the city or town by the sea and own a boat, my life would be very wonderful. I even dream of having my own house just beside the sea or beach.

How different is it to watch the Hobart city on the sea?

First, You might see many houses built along the hillside at your left if you face to the harbor. This area  belongs to Mt. Nelson.

As for the huge mountain standing behind the city center is Mt. Wellington. There should be no other better location to take the picture of Mt.Wellingtone in such a good view.

Besides, you could watch the long bridges in different angles while sailing toward them.

Because of the cruise, I find a special geographic surrounding in the unknown location.

I'm interested in the formation of this feature, and wonder whether this place is allowed for visiting or not.

According to the google map, I think this place should be East Risdon Nature Reserve which is located in the north of Hobart city. It's probably that only a few of tourists know this place and the guide books even don't introduce it.

On the half way, small rain drops from sky but we already have the canvas over the deck. It's lucky that I see the rainbow for this small rain. If the cloudy on the top of the rainbow could flow away, that would be a very beautiful scene.

Before we return to the harbor, the staff leads us to know the inside of this ship. There is a small kitchen on the upper level of the main cabin. You could take the not tea or coffee as you wish.

In the lower level, you could see the narrow sleeping room and shower room, and there are many books, medals and an old picture that shows the architecture of this ship while being built.

They also have a computer but I think this computer is quite old.

By the way, the staff syas that the time for the shower is so short that you could not image (only a few minutes).

Three hours is just like only a few minutes while I enjoy the sailing around Hobart.

I think I'm lucky to join this cruise in such a good day. The few member is also a point.

As I return to Franklin Square, I decide to take the bus to Mt.Nelson.

I'm looking forward nice scenery on the hill.

The bus stop for Mt. Nelson is stop N (the photo below is only for demostration)

You could find the schedule on one side of the board, and the information of bus stops around Franklin square on another side.

Therefore, if you forget which stop you should go for, you just watch any information board around the square and you will get what you want.

The bus fare to Mt.Nelson is 3.7 AUD, and I will drop off at the last stop.

It takes about thirty minutes to arrive at the top of Mt. Nelson.


I'm a little surpised that there is only a few tourists as I arrived and the weather seems to rain soon. The only restaurant and the house beside the mast are both closed at this time.

I have to say that the scenery here is not as good as what I saw on the cruise. There are many bushes around this place that is an obstacle for photographing. If there is a viewing deck to avoid these bushes, it would be better. However, the fact is not so, and I don't think that it's possible and illegal to climb to the top of the mast.

Thus, I take the next bus to the downtown and only stay here for thirty minutes.

Fortunately I've joined the nice cruise, or I would be very depressed. Actually, I prefer to join the tour to Mt.Wellington at first. However, this tour is not avaible today because of the low season. It's really a pity.

In the night, I want to buy some ingredients at the supermarket that YH staff told me. Parking in the city is not an easy job for me, and I don't want to waste my time tomorrow. Actually, tomorrow is the first day that I drive by myself in Australia, and I'm quite nervious now.

However, I seem to miss that supermarket? Therefore, I walk for another long way to Salamanca Market. I think I have to eat something tonight at least.

The Salamanca market is running on Saturday, but some restaurants open every day so that many people will stay here at night. It's lucky that there is just one supermarket around here, so I buy lots of ingredients without dinning in the restaurant. Anyway, a problem was solved and I could leave Hobart just according to the route I've researched before.

Because of these ingredients, I cook spegetti and the soup tonight at YH.

Spegetti is very easy if you prepare all the ingredient you need, and you could add any thing you like in the source. The most important is, the cost is cheap.

Except for the spagetti, large bottle of juice, hams and toast are also useful when you travel by car.

If you bring the gas stove and the pot, you could alomost finish your meals by yourself.

By the way, I will bring a microwave box to store the noddle of spegetti so that I could just cook once for two or three meals.

Some backpackers prefer the frozen food that could be heated by the microwave or oven, but I don't like it.

P.S There are two day tours departuring from Hobart, and they look good.

The first one will bring you to the zoo, Mt.Wellingtone, and let you watch the beautiful waterfall in the national park.

The second one is good for the people who didn't visit any cave in Australia.

If you have visited Jenolan caves, it's not recommend very much.

And the website below will give you more information:

 Russell Falls, Bonorong Wildlife & Tassie Devils, Mt. Wellington

Departs on Mon, Wed, Fri & Sun

Tour starts Hobart at 9:30 a.m, finishes Hobart at 5:30 p.m

$115 Adult

 Cockle Creek & Hastings Caves, Thermal Spring

Departs on Tue, Thu & Sat

Tours starts Hobart at 7:30 a.m, finishes Hobart at 5:30 p.m

$120 Adult


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