If you ask me what the meaning is for the travel?

I think it's hard to give a complete description about it.

The original motive of travel for me may be just to watch the spectacular scenery around the world, though I gained more than this.

Life is not a one-way road; If this way is blocked, you could choose another.

Therefore, just choose what you want and what you feel happy for.

Only a few people in the world could hold the rich resource that we could not have in our life to live their life in luxury.

Since we are not one of them, we have to accept the imperfect life of us.

In the meanwhile, to realize what we could do in our best, and what is meaningful thing to accomplish our life.

For me, it's the travel. The experience I had from the travels indeed enrich my life.

Without travel, maybe my life would not be so good now. In this way, travel is the way I live my life.

Because the flight back to Taiwan departs at five o'clock in the afternoon, I have the last half day to look around the attractions.

Sometimes, you would find a good view somewhere else while you walk around without any purpose.

Maybe it's just the wall of a building with the shadow of the tree.

Maybe it's the arches arranged in a row.

I walk southward to Akershus Castle that I saw yesterday in the harbor street.

The Akershus Castle dating from 1299 is a medieval castle and royal residence developed into a fortress in 1592.

Rebuilt as a renaissance castle, the castle includes many halls, the church, the Royal Mausoleum and etc.

I don't visit the inner castle and just look around the outer scene with the green surrounding.

Although the castle is not very spectacular but the colors of the buildings with the blue of the sky compose a nice picture. 

Besides, you could also watch the harbor for a great view.

There are also the statue and art installations....Some are quite interesting.

Leaving the Akershus Castle, I continue my way eastwards.

Near the Oslo central station is the Oslo Opera House.

The opera house of Oslo is opened in 2008 which is the largest cultural building in Norway and also the landmark of Oslo.

The white marble roof stretching into the Oslofjord is a good place for a stroll.

Maybe the Oslo Opera House is not so famous as Sydney Opera House but displays a futuristic sense for its delicate design.

As a culture center, it holds many performances and concerts and attracts numerous people here.

Another feature of the opera house is the solar panels that could be seen from the fjord by boat and supply some of the energy for this building.

Since there is a castle in the south, an opera house in the east and a city hall in the west, there should be a representative attraction in the north.

And that attraction should be the Oslo Cathedral.

The Oslo cathedral was the third cathedral of Oslo built in 1697.

Oslo's first cathedral, Hallvard's Church, was left to ruin and the second cathedral, The Holy Trinity Church, was burned by the struck of lightning.

Therefore, the Oslo cathedral become the oldest cathedral with a liong history of Oslo city.

When I arrive here, I'm a little surprised and also depressed by the numerous electric wires hung around the cathedral just as the spider web.

It's fine that I've seen many churches before so I only take a short visit here and then come back to the hostel.

Now, it's time for going home.

By the way, I want to introduce the famous brand in Norway for the ice cream and ice pop: Diplom-Is.

You could find the logo anywhere in Oslo, including the Oslo central hostel.

It's siad that they held 53% of the ice cream market of Norway in 2005.

In such a hot day, I also eat a ice pop before going to the airport.

Back to the Oslo airport for the last time, I enjoy a 200g "Favorite" burger as the lunch before the flight.

Saying goodbye to Norway, I have my connection flights in Zurich and Hong Kong.

Everything finally goes well on the way returning home.

I traveled to the northernmost place of the world, the pack ice at the latitude of 80°36′N.

Now, I go back to Kaohsiung in the latitude of 22°N.

I don't know how long it is from the north to the south.

It should be a long long distance.

The travel looks just like a dream.....

In my real world, everyone knows such a spectacular polar territorry for the polar bear but it's difficult to reach there.

And I.... had such a wonderful dream of looking for the polar King thounsands miles away.

~ Fin ~


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