My schedule today is starting from Å, and then visiting Sørvågen, Reine, Ramberg, Nusfjord, Stamsund and Ballstad.

Because the weather today is cloudy, that schedule is only the reference.

Though driving by myself costs more,  I could choose the next destination by intuition

Following the only main road, E10, northwwards, these attractions could be reached easily by the well-set road signs.

Of course, there are also some nameless beautiful places in Lofoten.

I pass Sørvågen for no reason and go directly to Reine for a short break.

It seems to be impossible for a sunny day within an hour, so I continue northwards to the next stop.

Just as I leave Reine not for a long time, I see two backpackers waiting for a ride.

"There should be no bad guy in Norway." I think so. Thus, I pick up these two young men for my first time.

"You want to go to Leknes. Well, it's on my way to Ballstad, but I may stop at Ramberg for a while" I say.

No doubt, they are tourists and not hurry for the job or something.

Now, I have two temporary partners.

The two men come fro France but the pronunciations for their Franch names are too difficult for me.

Learning France was the memory ten years ago. I've already forget everything about it.

Besides, I'm really not good at memorize the names.

By the way, I usually introduce myself with the name 'Weng'.

In fact, that is my family name for the pronunciation of first name is quite strange in English.

Actually, I don't care about the rules, because the rules are made by humans.

In my opinion, the names, including nicknames, are only the representations or signs for the unique us.

I don't think it's reasonable to adopt a comlex hard-pronounced name to trouble others.

Since the custom or the tradition was laid down by humans, we for sure could change it by ourselves.

It's stupid to follow the old-fashion foolish tradition. For the main goal of the tradition is to and should be to conduct us for a better life.

So, "Just call me 'Weng'....". After all, there is no another Weng here.

If I travel with my family, maybe I would introduce myself with my full name.

We talks about the topic of travel and head for Ramberg.

Actually, I'm not good at chatting but travel is one of the topics I could talk more about.

The politics, finance, sports.... I seem have a few topics I'm really interested in, just as a picky boy for food.

So, you might be able to image how boring my life was before I started travelling.

Stopping at the suprtmarket, my first thing is to look for the postcards.

Though the weather doesn't change at all, I still walk around the harhor watching the scene.

At the pier, the reflection of the mountains and buildings is nice in such a cloudy day.

The tide is out but you could still find that the sea water here is pretty clear for a good swimming.

Many gulls are walking on the wet beach.

"I bought some postcards, and I find the location of the beautiful beach here." I point to one of the postcards and say so.

Sometimes, postcards are nice clues for find the locations.

Therefore, we continue northward a bit and get the scene in the postcard.

If the weather could be sunny, this beach would be very awsome.

Maybe I should prey for the God for a good weather tomorrow while I come back here again.

Due to the weather, I decide to keep Nusfjord for the visiting tomorrow and drive to Lekenes.

Saying goodbye to the Franch backpackers, I become alone again.

They are on their way to nowhere, and I look for the information center here. 

Leknes is one of the big towns in Lofoten and also one of the two towns with the airport.

The information center is actually a big souvenir shop providing free maps to tourists.

I look at the map of Lekenes. There is nothing I'm interested in.

Since it's the noon, I choose a restaurant for the lunch.

A hamburger with chips is about 130 KOR.

Once in a while I would forget the exchange rate so that I may not be so pressured by the high cost in Norway.

"Just change KOR directly to TWD"... That is the way I use for self conforting.

A bottle of Cola for 30 TWD.... Reasonable.

A hanburger with chips for 130 TWD..... Reasonable.

Suddently, everything becomes reasonable :)

Before going to Ballstad, I change my way to Henningsvær instead of Stamsund.

Henningsvær is on the schedule tomorrow, but I decide to go right now so that I could drive southwards back to Å and visit the atrractions on the way once again.

Heading northwards along the E10 road for a long period, you will pass the path to Stamsund and then turn into Road 816 to Henningsvær.

It is also a fishing village but located on several small islands.

Thus, the road become narrow with many meeting spaces and one-way bridge.

Although the route is simple and I could listen to music, I feel a liitle nervous for the road condition.

In the halway, I find a nameless beautiful beach.

The water is crystal green accompanied with the white sand and flora.

Even it's cloudy, this place is still great.

Except for the nameless beach, the lake next to the road bend is also the same condition as the beach.

The only pity is the wire hung through the lake. Otherwise, the reflection of the mountains would looks good. 

By the way, Henningsvær is also the ideal place for climbing, diving or snorkelling.

And it's indeed that some tourists start their climbing from the lake.

I'm curious about it because I don't find any abvious path around here.

This is not the way I will do for hiking or climbing if there is no visible path or sign.

Driving forwards, the road condition makes me much nervious.

"It's awfull to drive the same route back." I think so while taking a deep breathe at the open field in front of a hotel.

Since the scene of fishing villages shoule be very similar, I prefer to see this under a good weather.

Therefore, I turn to the way toward Ballstad.

About the HI hostels in Lofoten, there are five located equally on the islands.

Most of the tourists may choose Å and Stamsund for the rorbuers, though the dorm room is not in the rorbuer such as hostel in Å.

As for the hostel Stamsund, the booking is only available by phone.

It's not so convenient for me if I change my schedule.

Thus, I choose hostel Ballstad instead of Stamsund.

Anyway, it's fine for me to only see the rorbuer.

Maybe Ballstad is not so popular as other fishing village.

There are only few cars on the road while I connect to road 816 from Lekenes.

Although the road number is scaring, it's actally easy to drive.

No meeting space, No one-bridge....That's good.

Following the sign, I arrive at the reception of the hostel where is a restaurant beside the harbor.

If you book the rorbuer, the building is just located at the harhor. It looks pretty nice.

The dorm room is at another old building about 300m from the reception.

While I drive toward the building, I see a lovely cat.

Of course, I stop for a while and take some photos of the cat.

It reminds me that there should be lots of cat in the place with fishes, such as Míkonos of Greece or Tashiro-jima of Japan.

However, the situation is different in Lofoten.

Parking in the wide open field in front of the old building, the building seems to be painted not for a long time.

The whole looking is brand-new in white.

The guests are indeed few and none of them choose to stay at the dorm, so I'm the only one enjoying this big room.

This twelve-bed drom is transformed from the lobby, and now it looks like a King room for me.

With a library, a dinning romm, a clean kitchen and other facilities, I like it as staying at home.

Sometimes I would dream of having such a big house on my own in somewhere at the foreign country, if I have enough skills to do so.

So, just enjoy this temporary home for a day in this silent fishing village.

If there is a disadvantage of this building, that should be the internet only available around the recpetion.


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