It's the last day of the expedition.

The brief after breakfast is about the disembarkation.

Someone may take the flight in the morning or afternoon, and someone like me will stay at Longyearbyen for extra days.

The weather is quite nice for landing Alkhornet.

Alkhornet is found at the entrance to the small fjord.

The name refers to the shape of a mountain, a horn, and its inhabitants, the auklets.

Among all the places we landed, the wide rich tundra is the different feature of Alkhornet.

Except for the bird wildlife, it's a good spot for watching the svalbard reindeer and arctic fox.

The landscape covered by the tundra is not completely safe for walking.

You may sink in the mud underneath the tundra.

Though it's not so fatal as sinking in the drifting sand, it's still embarrassed.

Sometimes it's better to avoid the area near the steam, and you should not walk alone.

Besides, the rich wildlife also means lots of shit. So, be careful.

Just as we walk through the tundra, a pair of svalbard reindeers are spotted.

The better thing is that my lens works finally.

It's the destiny that everything seems goes well today.

I catch an interesting scene of the svalbard reindeer while it's doing something you know.

This reindeer turns its head just as it's wondering why the humans take photos.

Continuing forwards while tracing the reindeers, an arctic fox is just sleeping around the rocks.

All of us gather here and feel excited to see this lovely guy.

Every action it made, such as streching itself with a yawn, looks cute.

And it's my first time that the memory card is ran out.

This arctic foc should be a cub and fearless of us so that we could observe it very closely.

Anyway, I get lots of pictures of this guy.

According to the wiki, the arctic fox is also called white fox, polar fox or snow fox. Thr fur is brown in summer and white in winter.

My frind who been to Churchill in 2011 catched the scene of a white arctic fox.

Today is really a great day that the reindeers and the arctic fox satisfy me a lot.

In the afternoon, we are supposed to hiking on the glacier, Wahlenburgbreen, but land on the hill beside the glacier for the glacier is active for calving.

That is still fine that I've great hiking experince on Perito Moreno glacier.

Although the scene of the glacier and seabirds is quite common, just as I walk back to the shore, the scared calving happens.

The huge chunk of glacier ice makes big waves rushing ashore.

It's a pity that I miss the opportunity for photographing becase of wearing the life vest at that moment.

Finally, all the activities and the expedition reach the end.

Though the ship has sailed to Longyearbyen in the evening, there is still one night to say goodbye.

In the Discovery Lounge, all the crews get claps by the guests.

No doubt, they are really professional to give us this perfect arctic exploration.

I just think that it would be fine even if I only join this expedition and end my journey this year here.

The rich wildlife and the spetacular scenes have already fullfill one of my memory card.

Even I still have two weeks in Norway, I'm sure that the expedition is the best part of my whole trip.


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