Today is the relaxed day in my itinerary. My journey in Australia is quite long after all, and I don't have to be rush everyday. Besides, the daytime is not so long to arrange too many attactions far away from Adelaide city.

Around Adelaide, there are three worth-visiting attractions in my pocket. These places may not excellent as Kangroo Island but better than doing nothing in your hostel or coffee shop.

The first one is Barossa Valley where is located in the north-eastrn of Adelaide city and famous for wine-producing. The name Barrossa is derived from Barrossa Ranges which was named by William Light in memory of the Britsh victory in the battle of Barrossa.

The second is Hahndorf where is a town of Adelaide Hills located in the  south-eastern of Adeialde city. It's the oldest surviving German settlement in South Australia. The houses, food, agricultural prducts and other shops are the features of this town.

The final one is Victor Habor that is a town in the south of Adelaide city and good for many activities. The attractions include Graint IslandThe BluffSouth Australia Whale Center and etc. As for the activities, Horse Drawn Tram should be special to you. That is the tram powered by horses. The bus transportation to Victor Harbor is provided by Premier Stateliner. It takes about two hours each way.

 Because I'm not interested in the wine and the vineyard is not worthy of visiting in the winter. As for Victor harbor, the transportation is not very frequent and I don't think that the scene could be better than what I saw in Kangaroo Island. Therefore, I decide to visit Hahndorf today. 

The bus to Hahndorf is bus 864F and it takes less than fifty minutes to arrive there.

The bus stops around the Adelaide city are two: Stop D1 at the Light Square (nearby Currie street) and Stop G2 at the Hindmarsh Sqaure (nearby Grenfell street)

Remember one importat thing: Do not keep these information all the time. 

You should check for the website of Adelaide Metro before your departure.

Why do I say that? Because my information about the stop was H1 before and changed to G2 now.

So, if your information is wrong and you don't have the newest printed bus schedule, your day may be in a mess.

Look at the bus schedule I captured from the PDF, the first column is the location of the bus stop and the second column is the number. Then, you may know the time for the bus 864F departing at the Stop G2, Grenfell street is 8:30, and you will arrive at the Stop 54 of Hahndorf at 9:15.

Before I get on the bus, it starts raining and I buy an umbrella at the shop nearby. Though this umbrella is better than my folding umbrella I forgot to bring with me today, it's too long that I may not store it in my baggage and I have to leave it in the hostel. It's very wasteful to buy a 10-dollar umbrella and use it for only one day. However, I also don't want to miss the bus coming soon.

I'm looking at my watch and waiting for the correct stop on the way.

Where is the Stop 54? And where I am now? I really don't have any idea.

Oh, I should ask the driver to drop me off at the stop I want, but I forget to do so.

When I see the welcome board of Hahndorf, I get off the bus right away.

It seems that I get off too early because the place I'm now doesn't look like a town described in the book.

Anyway, it doesn't matter. I have lots of time today and I think no other tourist could find the welcome board like me.

I walk along the street toward the town center.

On the half way, when passing the farm with few houeses, I find the town map. 

It's a little strange that why did they locate the town map in the place touists don't pass through.

If I didn't get off the bus too early, I won't find this map now.

Looking at the map, I capture it with my camara and study the attractions I might be interested.

Most of the attractions are around the main street. It's a good news in such a raining day.

Since hahndorf is the oldest German settlement, the style of the houses is different from others.

What is the main feature of the German house?

If you don't know anything about it, you may not know what is the main point you should look for.

In summary, the strcture of the traditional German building is called Fachwerk which means Timber framing in English. The main strcuture of the building is constructed of timbers and the panels betweem the timbers are filled with brick, clay or plaster. Besides, the frame is exposed outside the building.

Not all the buildings in Hahndorf are traditional German buildings.

Therefore, you should check by yourself according the defination of Timber framing.

I'm not sure whether the tourists both don't like the raining day or not, but the tourists on the street are quite few.

Because I'm not interested in shopping, I only take pictures of these buildings along the main street.

Photographing with an umbrella in the rainging day is a strange thing.

However, it's better than waiting for travelling in German someday. 

I'm curious about the scene out of the main street, but the rain stops my footstep.

Passing through the restaurants, hotels and shops, I walk to the church at the end.

In Hahndorf, there are three churches in the town: St. Paul's Lutheran Church, St. Paul's Anglican Church and St. Micheal's Lutheran Church.

When I see St. Paul's Lutheran Church, I feel that the style is a little different from other churches I've ever seen but I don't know the differences very exactly. Even I don't know lots about different branches of Christianity.

In order to get a clear understanding, I search the information on the web.

Implied by the name of these churches, Lutheran Church means the church of the Lutheranism. The theology of Lutheranism is reformed by Martin Luther who is a German priest.

As for Anglican Church, Anglicanism is a tradition within Christanity and Anglican Church is historically connected to the Church of England or similar beliefs, worship or church structures.

Besides, Cathedral and Abbey are also churches, but the definitions are too complex for me.

Except for the introductions abou Lutheranism and Anglicanism, there is no furthur information about the structural differences about these churches. 

Anyway, Luthur church may be a feature of Hahndorf and it's for sure my first time to see the Luthur church.

I'm considering having a meal in a nice restaurant when returning, but I seems to forget studying the information about the German dishes.

What is the English or German name for "The Pig's Leg"?

What is the best restaurant for this dish?

I don't have any idea about these questions in my mind and it's not a good solution to ask all the restaurants with my poor English.

Under such consideration, I give it up and decide to cook on my own in the hostel.

Therefore, I take the bus to Adelaide city at about 11 o'clock.


P.S: The famous German dish is called German pig knuckles, or German pork knuckles

Actually, there are two types of pig knuckles. 

Schweinehaxen (German) is a roasted ham hock, and Eisbein, also called Ice Leg, is the pickled ham hock.

I buy some ingrediants in the supermarket after returning to Adelaide city.

Because I didn't try the Australian lamb before, I prepare the lamb as my lunch today.

Besides, I also make a spagetti noodle soup.

The lamb is much fatty than the beaf but is fine in the state of well-done.

It doesn't taste gamy so you don't have to apply too much seasoning.

Afer the lunch, I don't feel good and I think I get a cold.

Maybe the temperature in Kangaroo Island changed too much in the daytime and nighttime.

Maybe today is cold and rainy.

I take some medicine and have a sleep until 3 o'clock in the afternoon.

Though I still don't feel good after the rest, I choose to walk around the city center again.

After all, it's my last day in Adelaide. 

Walking to the bus station, I hope that I'm lucky to take the free bus to the place I want to go.

The bus station is not far away from the hostel.

Except for the receptions of the sightseeing bus companies, the airport shuttle also departs here and you could find the day-tour information.

As for the free bus, the stop is at the roadside of Franklin street and the bus departs here every hour.

Unfortunately, I miss the bus that has gone away a few minutes ago. 

I give up waiting for the next bus and continue walking toward Victoria Sqaure.

Why do I walk there? Is there any attraction around the sqaure?

I remind something.

When I took the tram to Glenelg Beach three days before, I found a church around the square but didn't spent my time to take a look. 

Since Victoria Sqaure is not far from the bus station, I think I should go there.

It's quite lucky that I find the free bus on the center of the square.

However, I do not get on the bus in time because I spent some time taking the pictures included the bus and the church nearby.

The church nearby the square is Cathedral of St Francis Xavier.

Cathedral of St Francis Xavier is a roman catholic cathedral.

The structure is classified as the Gothic architecture in early English style.

This church was built from 1865 but completed until the tower was finished in 1996.

The Gothic architecture includes the features of pointed arch, ribbed vault, and flying buttress.

I' m not good at the architeture so I recommend to learn the terms by images or the wiki.

In Europe, Gothic architeture is common in the cathedral, abbey, castle, palace, university and other building.

I forget to enter the church to feel the silence inside and walk toward Ayers House.

Under the influence of my cold, I seems to be stupid about everything, and I even feel that my English becomes worse than before. 

Anyway, today is not my day. 

When I arrive at Ayers Houe, the bad thing happen again.

Yah, the Ayers House is closed. What is going on?

Actually, the museum is not only closed every Friday in the winter, but also closed every Monday.

It seems that I don't have another day visiting Ayers House.

Therefore, if you want to visit Ayers House, it's recommended to check the opening hours on the official website.

On my way returning to the hostel, the bad weather really makes me sad, though there is a rainbow not so obvious.

I hope that the weather in Alice Spring tomorrow would be good.

By the way, I meet the free bus three times but miss them all.



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