Sisimiut 西西米特

是格陵蘭第二大城鎮,僅次於首都 Nuuk


Sisimuit City Map

World of Greenland

WOGAC Cruise Service (PDF)

Royal Arctic Line (Booking 介面非英文)

YouTube Movie (Summer)

YouTube Movie (Winter)

Sisimiut – A Coastal Pearl on the Arctic Circle


Snowscooter ride to the observation point at Kangerluarsuk Tulleq(2-5)

Meet the Greenlandic sled dog

Sisimiut sightseeing by bus

Assaqutaq and Whalewatching

Catch your own dinner

Amazing hike up Palasip Qaqqaa

Hike back in time


Hotel Sisimiut

Sisimiut Seamens Home

Katak Housing

Knud Rasmussen Folks Highschool

Sisimiut Youth Hostel


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