【About travelling in Iceland】

If you ask me what the meaning of the travel is?

I think I just want to empty my mind.

I didn't think too much as I traveled in Iceland.


Everyone has his own purpose for the travel.

Someone would like to experience the life of the locals, but I don't.

I enjoy to be alone. As for making friends, I didn't do it by purpose.

Just like the smile, no one smiles for any purpose.

Meeting friends is a good thing, but I don't think the friendship will be forever if you did it by purpose.

An old Chinese saying said "有緣千里來相會, 無緣對面不相識"

It means that if we are destined to be friends, wherever we come from, we will be friends.

Otherwise, even we meet each other everyday, we are still strangers.

I met a Japanese young friend on the flight to Iceland who replied my email sincerely.

But I don't mind whether other friends met in Iceland have seen my blog or not.

I met a kindly Icelander who taught me how to drive manual-transmission car

But I didn't know his name. He is like the wind. Though the wind disappeared, you know you felt it at least.


Someone prefers to express their feeling about the beautiful scenery with fantastic words, but I don't.

I think the purest is the realest.

My travel is not a show. I don't have to say how big the world is or how small I am.

And I don't have to express my feeling dramatically like the cartoon.

If you say you see the universe as you ate delicious foods. I think what you talk is hypocritical.

I'm not an architect so I don't have to pretend I know a lot about the buildings.

I'm not a humanist so I don't have to study how friendly the Icelanders are.

I'm not a scientist so I don't know most the name of the animals and plants I've seen.

I'm not a writer so I don't have to boast of how wonderful I feel in Iceland.

When looking at the scenery in Iceland, even the glacier lagoon, I didn't think too much actually.

You don't have to speak while appreciating the scenery.

And You don't have to express while listening the music.

Sometimes, the most beautiful scenery is always a common thing for someone, the residents.

Therefore, if you wonder the meaning of the travel if you didn't do anything.

I could tell you: why there is always the meaning before your travelling? why?

I don't think there must be some meanings or purposes when you live in such a beautiful scene.


If I say the scenery is Beautiful, this word has includes all I feel.

If you don't think so, you should travel by yourself, not listen to what I talk about.

The pictures are available anytime, and you could feel them by yourself without my decoration.

If you want more, I recommend you to travel to Iceland.

Travelling in Iceland is quite simple, except for the budget is high.

【About my diaries】

I always keep my diaries everyday when I'm travelling aboard.

Most of these are the records about what I do, how much money I spent and anything about the travel.

They are not the script of the drama, and they are not the novel.

But they are real and they could tell you the truth of my travelling.

Is this travel feasible? Could you enjoy the same itinerary as well? 

You may know through watching my diaries.

Because travelling is also a part of the life.

If the trip is excellent, I will describe a lot.

If I don't tell many about something. it means that it's boring and could be ignored.


As for my feeling, they are already told by the photos.

When I see the beautiful scene, my first action is to hold my camera, not my pen.

I don't think the beauty of the scenery could be expressed by the words.

If you can see these pictures, why do I have to tell you by speaking or writing?

Even before the same scenery, everyone always has his own feeling different than others with different viewpoints.

If I say that is beautiful, you may not agree with me.

Therefore, I uploaded all my photographs taken in Iceland to the Flickr.

And in my diaries, I pick up the important part of the photos to show you and tell you what the place is and where the place is in Iceland.

Even I took lots of photos, I think these photos could not represent all of what I've seen there.


The travelling this year, year 2010, is a little different than the past.

I try to write my diaries in both Traditional Chinese and English for the first time.

Except for sharing my travelling with friends from other countries.

I also learn and practice my English during the writing.

Whether the account of readers is many or few, I have had a lot.


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