【Blue Lagoon】


7 o'clock in the morning, I enjoy my breakfast in the kitchen.

The luggages is ready, and my only and last attraction today is the Blue Lagoon.

Driving from Akanes, you will pass the tunnel to cross the sea, and then meet the circle that is the start of road no.36 which is the start of Golden Circle.

Finally, I finish a big circle around Iceland.

As I drive towards Reykjavik, I want to send a message to my friend in Taiwan via my cellphone, but my cellphone was gone! 

 Damn it! I forgot it in the bathroom of the Akanes YH.

 Therefore, I pass the tunnel again (900 ISK) and back to the Akanes hostel.

It's good that the cellphone is still there, and other tourists are also kindly concerned about whether I find my cellphone or not. 

After this small event, I drive on the same way again, and pass the tunnel for the 3rd time.

(It means that I have paid 2700 ISK for passing the tunnel.)

From the road to Reykajvik, you have to turn to the road no.41 that goes to Kaflavik Airport, and then turn to road no.43 again which goes to the Blue Lagoon.

Before 10 o'clock, I arrived at Blue Lagoon. You could see the tiffany-blue spring beside the road to the parking place.

The cars are a lot here, includes the bus, so there is no doubt that many tourists enjoy the hot spring here.

I park my car and bring the small camera into the spring center.

The admission for blue lagoon is 4400 ISK that is much expensive than the Myvatn hot spring.

Relatively, the facilities are better. Except for the big pool, there is also a steam room, spa waterfall, and free mud that you could spread on your face.

As for the spring, it's salty but doesn't have a smell of smelly eggs as Myvatn spring.

I soak in the spring for almost one hour, and then take some photos via the door beside the restaurant.

The only pity is the cloudy day. The weather is cold, and I could not see the blue sky.

In the afternoon, I drive back to Reykjavik Downtown hostel.

I follow the route I studied before, and Luckily find the only one parking space in front of the hostel.

Because the parking in Sunday is free, I don't have to worry about how to pay the parking fee, and that's why the parking spaces are all occupied.

I carry all my luggages into my familar room no.33, and put all the things in order again for the flight tomorrow.

About three o'clock, the staff knock my door telling me that the car rental company has arrived here.

It's one hour earlier than the prearranged time. (It's very efficient, but I wonder how does he know that I have come back to Reykjavik.)

When I walk to the lounge, the staff of the company seems has checked for the car already, and asks me about the damage of my car.

I take out the accident report to him, and express the situation on that day.

Because I have a SCDW insurance, he tells me that I may have to pay for 250 EUR. (If I don't, the compensation will be up to 2000 EUR.)

At this moment, I feel that my journey is really finished.

Saying goodbye to the staff and my lovely car, I cook my last dish in the guest kitchen. Of course, it's spaghetti.

After that, I leave the rest of the ingredients here for free use, and then walk around on the streets.

The tourists are quite few on the street.

Maybe today is Sunday.

Maybe it means that the tourist season has reached its end.

I recall the first day I arrived here. It was Sunday as well, but the streets were busy with many tourists.

Whether or no, I decide to look around the streets for the last time.

This is not a Big post-can. It's the public toilet.

I also buy some souvenirs in the shop as I get nothing to do on the boring streets.

At six o'clock, though it's still too early for the dinner, I find a restaurant for the delicious foods that could help me passing the boring time.

This restaurant is not far away from the hostel.

I order a menu set which includes grilled lamb, lobster soup and cream with blue berry.

These dishes are tasty, and the price is good (less than 5000 ISK).

The night is still bright when I come back to my room.

But it's time for sleeping.

I have to get up at four o'clock in the early morning, and take the flybus to the airport.

My journey in Iceland reaches the end.

The fifteen days in Iceland are unforgettable for me.

The picturesque scenery, everyone and everything seems to be a dream of yesterday.

Especially, I stay in the same room in Reykjavik Downtown Hostel.

This strong feeling makes the travelling unreal.

But I know I truly visit these places in Iceland, and those fantastic scenes are not just the background of my dream.


Attachment:Travelling Route Map 


B:Blue Lagoon



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