If you don't have anything expected in your life, Just go travelling !

We live in a world full with restrictions.

Sometimes we think we make choices by ourself.

But, Is that your real will?

Just forget all the things, and listen to the murmurings in the depth of your heart.


If we don't have various choices in our careers and life, Just go travelling

And you must go a budget travelling. 

The fun of budget travelling is not only the planning ahead of your departure,

but also the happiness when your plan comes true.

Don't be a innocent tourist.

Sleep on the bus,

Go to the toilet when dropping off,

Take photos where you don't know anything about,

And Forget everything after half the year you went home. 


Even until now, I still could image the scenes of Auckland in New Zealand

that I stayed in the summer of 2009.

Because you experience everything by your own, the memory is unforgettable.


This year I'm ready for going to Iceland.

Why do I choice Iceland?

No Reason, I just want to go there.

If I go to South Arctic one day, you don't have to be so surprised.

Because setting a goal, Life gets more vitality and becomes more hopeful.


Watch the things you don't watch before

Listen to the sound you don't listen to

Experience the things you don't experience

Empty your mind and Make a new start


Travelling is also a form of our Life.


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