Today is my first day driving in Tasmania. In order not to find the parking space around the YH, I bring all my luggages and two packages of ingredients walking toward the office of Europcar. Unfortunately, it's raining now and the way to the office is the ascent. It's not a good start of the driving trip.

Because the driving direction in Australia is opposite to the direction in my country, the car is also a little different. First, the rain brush and headlight control is on your left, and the direction light control is on your right. Of course, the dirver's seat is on the right side, not the left. Except for these differences, there is nothing special to the car in my country.

I check the car very carefully to make sure that I won't make any mistake as driving on the road. In fact, I have to say that I don't like to drive in the area I'm not familar. Even I've walked around the Hobart city yesterday, I'm still a little nervious when I drive. Therefore, it's recommended that rentint a GPS with your car. It's not so easy to park anywhere for watching the road map, especially you travel alone.

My route today is heading for Richmod as my first stop, and then I will drive toward Port Arthur via Sorell. The total distance is about 120 km that is good for a new starter. However, the itinerary is changed as I saw the information on the plane yesterday. Besides, the price of the accommodations in Port Arthur is not cheap. Thus, I plan to stay at Tribunna or Swansea after visiting Port Arthur. If possible, I want to find the ferry information for Maria Island. For this change, the total distance becomes about 170 km.

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