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 Does anybody know the name of this kind of bird?

Someone said that is black-headed gull, but I'm not sure.

Another possible answer is Stema paradisaea (Arctic Tern).

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【Whale Watching, Husavik】


This is the frist time that I feel quite cold when I sleep in my tent.

Maybe the latitude of Husavik is higher than other place.

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 【Lofthellir Lava Cave】

 【Weather Forecasts】


The weather is not good as the forecast said. It's cloudy and raining in the morning.

There is not doubt that I don't have to wait for the Myflug tour at 10:00. It's impossible to fly in this kind of bad weather.

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 這個是 2009 年去紐西蘭旅行所收集到的網路資料


巴士部份,想省錢的可以選擇 Naked Bus,但大部份會建議參考 Magic Bus 或 InterCity

Magic Bus 中途停的地點較多一些,但要視行駛的路段而定,有時候跟 InterCity 沒什麼兩樣;巴士票以套票方式販賣,如果沒有很符合你的行程安排,不建議買,因為沒使用的也不能退錢。此外,Magic Bus並沒有天天發車。

而 InterCity 則相反,中途停的點雖少,但天天發車,而且路線選擇也多,車票在各地的 I-Site 大多可以買到,或是在當地的辦公室可買

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1. 住宿:找 樂天 或 Jalan 就可以輕鬆解決,當然你要懂怎麼使用它的日文介面訂房

2. 交通:日本鐵路 JR 配合各地當地的公車或觀光巴士,均有日文網頁可查到相關時刻

3. 景點:可以買旅遊書,也可以看日本國家旅遊局,或是 Google 一下想去的地方

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Mr. English Cafe 是一家位於高雄市熱河街的餐廳,離五十層大樓很近





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I always get up very early and the weather is nice today. I don't know why I met bad weather in Iceland so often? I hope the good weather could continue longer.

I leave Eggistaðir at about 7:00, and I see Icelandic Horses near the ring road to Myvatn.

I take a stop here, and luckily, a horse get so close to me that I could touch him and take nice photos.

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The journey today is not finished.

After I come back to the parking place in the intersection of ring road and road F985, it's just 1:30 and no one want to finish the day like this.

Because I have change the itinerary for going to Grimsey, I don't stay at Hofn tonight but drive northward to Egilsstaðir along the east fjord.

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The weather is quite good in the morning, and also good for the skidoo tour today.

Because th time for picking up is at 9:30 at the intersection of ring Road and road F985, so I don't have to hurry to go there.

I find a place located in the west side of Hofn where I have a nice view of glacier. If you take care of the location of the scenes (East or West?) and where the sun is now, then you will probably see what you want.

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(If you could not see the movie above, please Click here)


It's raining in the morning. If the rain get bigger, it would be very bad to camp in this kind of weather.

That is not a good feeling in the beginning of a day. 

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It's my 6th day from the day I leave Taiwan, and the 5th day in Iceland. But I think that the journey is just beginning. I wonder what could the tourist visit in Iceland if they only stay for a few day. Obviously, it is not enough. Iceland is a very beautiful country.

The people who have gone to Landmannalaugar said that it's worth of visiting there, but they drove the 4WD car, and the road seems to be very bumpy and dangerous. Besides, renting 4WD car is quite expensive. The cheapest price I could find is almost double the price of my small car. Although I really want to try driving 4WD  car in Iceland, I have to control my budget as I planned. For this reason, in order to go to Landmannalaugar, I choose to take the bus there. In fact, I think the bus trip is as nice as driving there by myself.

You don't have to worry about the bad condition of these road with a start symbol of "F". The bus driver is familiar with these roads.

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7 o'clock in the morning, I eat the breakfast served by the hostel, and then walk to the harbour waiting for the puffin tour.

There are two small islands around Reykjavik where the puffin tour will go to:Akurey (B) and Lundey (A)

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3 o'clock in the night, there is a roommate who seems to have finished her journey and is ready for going home, she turns on the light in the toilet and  put things into her luggage. Because of her, I wake up, and go to the lounge in the 1st floor, eat my toast, and write the diary.

Not until 4:30, the sky is already getting bright, but the sun don't show up yet.

Before 5:00, I walk to the harbour nearby. It is good that I see the sunrise.

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 【Kaohsiung High Speed Railway】


3:00 in the afternoon.

After a year, I'm finally ready for going to another country.

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If you don't have anything expected in your life, Just go travelling !

We live in a world full with restrictions.

Sometimes we think we make choices by ourself.

But, Is that your real will?

Just forget all the things, and listen to the murmurings in the depth of your heart.

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像我一樣準備搭飛機的旅客,一同在 YH 的街角等候著小台的接駁車送我們到 BSI 搭 Flybus

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