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2013 南美行程表

 D1, D2  Kaohsiung (Taiwan) to Santiago (Chile)
 D3  Santiago to Punta Arenas
 D4, D5  Punta Arenas 看企鵝
 D6  Punta Arenas to Puerto Natales
 D7 ~ D10  Torres del Paine 百內國家公園健行
 D11  Puerto Natales to El Calafate (Argentina) 
 D12  El Calafate 冰河健行
 D13 & D14  El Chalten 健行
   (Fred 單人路線)  (Prita 單人路線)
 D15  El Calafate  El Chalten
 D16  El Calafate  El Chalten to Perito Moreno
 D17  El Calafate to Puerto Natales (Chile)  Perito Moreno to San Carlos de Bariloche
 D18 ~ D20  Puerto Natales to Puerto Montt (by ferry)  San Carlos de Bariloche
 D21  Puerto Moontt to Puerto Varas  San Carlos de Bariloche to Puerto Varas
 D21  Puerto Varas / Frutillar
 D22 ~ D23  Puerto Varas to Pucon / Pucon
 D24  Pucon to Santiago
 D25, D26  Santiago & Isla Negra
 D27, D28, D29  Santiago to Kaohsiung (Taiwan)

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In the early morning, I see the sunlight through the window.

The weather is fine today but I have to leave today.

Walking to the Arctic Circle Viewpoint, the scenery is good. 

However, the row of mountains in the south are still hidden behind the cloud.

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Because of the rainy day, I slept a lot and therefore wake up around 2 a.m.

It's my first time watching the dark night in Greenland. 

Most of the time, I used to sleep at 9 p.m and the sky was still bright at that time.

While I woke up, the sun has already risen. Thus, I didn't see the dark night in Ilulissat before.

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Today I will go to the next destination, Sisimiut, by the plane at 7 o'clock.

Suddenly, I wonder: Is it possible to call a taxi in the early morning?

This is a good question but I've never thought it before.

For example, it's fine to call a taxi around five o'clock in the morning if you preserve in advance.

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It's my last day in Ilulissat. I decide to walk the blue treck from the quarry so that all the tracks along the icefiord will be complete.

Though the sky is cloudy in the morning, it doesn't rain. 

Following the shortcut through the dog zone nearby the hostel, it takes about 30 minutes to reach the quarry. 

There is also a dog zone in the beginning of the track, but it's still safe if you don't get too close.

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Today is the weekend and also my sixth day in Ilulissat. The time passed quickly.

Someone may think that I arrange too many days in Ilulissat, but I don't like to be in a hurry for every spots.

Running! Running! Running! That is not my way for travelling.

Travelling should be ease and relaxing without the detailed schedule. 

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先說一下總共的旅行費用是 208959元

 台北- 丹麥 國際機票:41622元

 丹麥 - 伊盧利薩特 機票:24790元

 伊盧利薩特 - 西西米特 機票:13215元

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